Journal: Erfolge

Together with :mlzd, we are delighted to have been awarded 3rd prize in the international competition for the extension of the German Museum of Technology in Berlin. Among the 23 participants, which were selected from 117 applicants, 3 prize winners and 2 recognitions were awarded. Congratulations to the winners!
Heinze ArchitekturAWARD 2023
We are happy about the Heinze ArchitekturAWARD 2023: Out of the box ! The prize was awarded to the Erlebnis-Hus designed by our project partner Holzer Kobler Architekturen, which is the crowning glory of the new nature and adventure promenade we planned in St. Peter Ording.
Shortlist Heinze ArchitekturAWARD 2023 | Promenade St. Peter-Ording
Together with Holzer Kobler Architekten and ifb Beratende Ingenieure we were shortlisted for the Heinze ArchitekturAWARD 2023 with the Promenade St.Peter-Ording.
Together with WaltGalmarini AG from Zurich, COWI Engineers from London and Gottlieb Paludan Architects from Copenhagen, we won the study contract for the replacement of the Reuss bridge in Mühlau.
Bruggen and Haggen stations | 1st Prize
Together with WaltGalmarini AG and K&L Architekten, we are pleased to have won 1st prize in the competition for the merger of the Bruggen and Haggen train stations in St.Gallen. The open space design integrates the architectural elements sensitively into the surroundings and makes the slope and the two green corridors tangible.
Rosa Barba International Landscape Prize - Elinor-Ostrom-Park
The Elinor Ostrom Park was selected to be published in this year's Rosa Barba International Landscape Prize catalog, featured on the website, as well as exhibited at the upcoming Barcelona International Biennial of Landscape Architecture.
Celebration of the opening of the market place in Entlebuch
The opening ceremony took place on Saturday, 27.05.2023. In splendid weather, people yodelled, played wind instruments and ate Entlebuch mountain cheese. The highlight of the village square, however, was our fountain.
Together with Hilmer Sattler Architekten, we achieve third place in the urban planning and landscape planning competition for the urban development of the Ludwigsfeld housing estate in Munich.
We are happy about the nomination for the German Landscape Architecture Award with the project Plansche in Berlin!
Together with zach &zünd, we won the planning selection procedure for the overall renovation of the Käferholz school complex in Zurich-Affoltern!
The interim results for the overall development of the 34-hectare former train station site have been submitted.
Prix de la FSAP 2022 à l'OST
We congratulate our colleague Tim Hegewald on winning the BSLA Prize 2022 for his bachelor thesis "Transformation process in the periphery Altstetten Schlieren". Congratulations Tim!
The Plansche in Berlin has opened
Since the end of July, there has been no more construction in Plänterwald, but proper splashing around. We are happy about the cheerful opening and wish all children, families and visitors lots of fun in the whirlpool of the ocean.
Architecture Biennale, Swiss Pavillon, 2023, Karin Sander/Philip Ursprung
"The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia has nominated the project entitled «Neighbourhood» by Karin Sander and Philip Ursprung for the Swiss Pavilion of 18th International Architecture Biennale in Venice after an open competition with 48 submissions."Pro Helvetia, Zürich We are proud to be part of the Team!
1st prize for the Green String in Vienna!
We are pleased to have won the competition for the open space design of the Grüne Saite in Vienna Aspern and to realize this exciting, forward-looking project together with the Seestädter Entwicklungsgesellschaft Wien 3420 aspern Development AG.
Elinor Ostrom Park receives award as IBA project!
We are pleased about the award as IBA project for new social housing. Just in time for the start of the International Building Exhibition (June 23-November 18 in Vienna), the park presents itself in full green for the first time after two years of construction.
Second Hinterrhein Bridge wins Building Award!
The project "New Construction of the Second Hinterrhein Bridge" wins two Building Awards. Once as overall winner and once for the engineering performance. Every two years since 2015, the building Award has been looking for outstanding achievements by recognized planners and up-and-coming young engineers. We congratulate the winner WaltGalmarini and all other participants!
Wir sind nominiert!
Wir sind nominiert! Gleich zwei unserer Projekte wurden, unter 75 Einsendungen, für den Baden-Württembergischen Landschaftsarchitektur-Preis 2022 nominiert und dürfen nun in einer zweiten Wertungsrunde gegen 22 weitere Projekte antreten.
Replacement building of the cantonal school Wattwil - 1.prize
We are delighted to have won another 1st prize! The new replacement building for the Wattwil Cantonal School and the extension of the Toggenburg Vocational and Further Education Centre will create the Wattwil Campus. In addition to the numerous meeting and recreation areas for students, the seating areas on the banks of the Thur, and the connecting campus bridge, the diverse new plantings and the low degree of sealing will make an important contribution to combating climate change. contribueront grandement à la lutte contre le changement climatique.
Zollkontrollanlage St. Margarethen - 1st Prize
In der funktionalen Welt des Zollumschlagplatzes wird für die Menschen, die dort täglich arbeiten ein Dachgarten geschaffen, der dem ruhigen Aufenthalt und der Erholung in den Pausen dient. Im Zentrum des Dachgartens steht ein Sitzplatz, der von der gemeinschaftlichen Caféteria aus erreicht werden kann. Über ein einfaches Wegesystem ist der Garten erschlossen.
Stöckacker Nord residential development - 1st prize
Together with Huggenbergerfries, we are pleased to have won 1st prize in the Stöckacker Nord project competition in Bern. With the harmonious interplay of residential buildings and diversely differentiated open spaces, our contribution was convincing.
Ilanz railway station - 1st prize
We are delighted to have won the project competition for the development of the Ilanz station square. Together with Giubbini Architects, we succeeded in creating a coherent and convincing overall contribution.
Zuschlag für den neuen Spreepark in Berlin
Der seinerzeit einzige Freizeitpark der DDR wird aus seinem Schlaf als „lost place“ vorsichtig geweckt und auf rund 21 ha in eine außergewöhnliche Parkanlage verwandelt. Wir freuen uns sehr, dass wir gemeinsam mit dan pearlman Erlebnisarchitektur diesen besonderen Ort im Spannungsfeld zwischen Kunst, Kultur und Natur in den nächsten Jahren entwickeln dürfen.
München Eggarten - 2. Preis
In München gewinnen wir im Team mit Ernst Niklaus Fausch Partner AG den 2. Preis im internationalen städtebaulichen Wettbewerb für die Eggarten-Siedlung. Für die verwilderte Gartensiedlung im Norden der Stadt haben wir ein Stück "Gartenstadt für das 21.Jahrhundert" entworfen.
Cryptoareal Zug, 1.Preis
Auf dem Crypto-Areal sind rund 200 Wohnungen geplant. Zusammen mit Axess Architekten AG und Van de Wetering GmbH haben wir den Wettbewerb gewonnen.
St.Gallen Train Station - Winner of the Golden Transport Hub
The redesigned train station and train station square in St.Gallen were awarded the FLUX Golden Transport Hub, the Swiss mobility prize, in 2019. The jury praised et al. the general structure, meticulous facilities, and “masterly quality.”
Blumenwies Indoor Pool St.Gallen, 1st Prize
We won the competition for the Blumenwies indoor pool in St. Gallen in cooperation with the Büro Andy Senn Architekten. The renovation and expansion of the indoor pool facilitates a clarification of the open space situation as a whole.
District Park on Thurgauerstrasse in Zurich, 1st Prize
Loosely planted trees frame an open clearing. They provide views to the inside and outside and along with ecologically high-quality areas protect the sensitive site. Toward Thurgauerstrasse, a spacious and inviting entrance area opens up. The most actively used area is located near the “Alten Schützenhaus.” All the planned participatory processes take place here.
Community Center in Oberwil (BL) - 1st Prize
The new community center building gives rise to a plaza situation that is linked to the typical entrance zones and connects the historical and the new. A wide staircase with seating steps connects it with the upper level of the plaza in front of the Wehrlinhalle. This large plaza remains free as a place for taking a break or holding events. The pavement pattern invites playing and makes it into something special.
Wollmatt Dornach - 1st Prize
In redesigning the surroundings of the building extension for the new senior citizen and nursing home, the focus is on creating a clear address for the new building and giving the open spaces nearby a new quality. Traffic calming (interaction zone) is taken into consideration as a fundamental prerequisite for the appropriation of these spaces. Besides upgrading the public spaces, the concept also offers a spacious roof terrace that can be used collectively.
University of Bremen, 1st Prize
Along with E2A Architekten from Zurich, we are pleased to have been awarded the first prize for the new lecture hall building and event center of the University of Bremen. From the Campus Park, a spacious ramp of staircases leads up to the boulevard and quasi stages the new lecture hall building. Seating steps and platforms with loosely interspersed trees invite spending time and form a tiered forecourt to the foyer.
Schwamendinger Dreieck, 1st Prize
At the Schwamendinger Dreieck, a central section of the garden city is being given one of its final urban landscape additions. The prelude at the tip of the triangle is a new city square, which forms a sequence of open spaces along a greened link to the district along with a district square. We, along with Graber Pulver Architekten, are delighted with the success.
Himalaya Mountain Scenery at the Tierpark in Berlin
We have received acceptance of our bid to transform the up to now park-like zoo landscape into an experience landscape. In addition to other animals, snow leopards, small pandas, and Kiang yaks will find a new home on an area of 87,000 m2.
WÜB Ambilly Thonex Geneva - 1st Prize
The courtyards of the WÜB Ambilly Thonex function as steppingstones between the cultural landscape and the urban area. The design includes extensively used meadows, wooden structures, and local woody plants, and thus provide a habitat and food source for many species of animals. An extensive gravel-covered area serves as a market place and meeting point; patches of lawn with flowers invite playing, relaxing, grilling, et cetera.
Park am Seebogen, Vienna - 1st Prize
The park is distinguished by its positive position with respect to the new elevated railway in Seestadt Aspern. It forms the spatial backbone that connects all the sections of the park with one another as an urban mile for diverse uses. A framework of trees with alternating rows surrounds an open clearing. From a centrally located park balcony, one can let one’s gaze wander to the nearby lake.
Hauenstein Rombach Tree Nursery Site - 1st Prize
The various atmospheres at the former tree nursery shape the outdoor spaces nest to the residential buildings. A park is being created around the magnificent individual trees in the upper part. To the south of the main access route, arbor-like saplings enhance the common areas. A playground is situated in front of the community room and another next to the exposed stream.
Grosshofbrücke Lucerne - 1st Prize
Conceived as a “bridge house” toward the new side of the city, which merges with the landscape on the open valley side, the new Grosshofbrücke communicates between what already exists and the new on various levels and becomes a lively and pedestrian-accessible urban landscape.
Train Station Square Fribourg - 1st Prize
With the newly designed train station square in Fribourg, the city is receiving a modern entrance to the city. Removing the projecting roof that covers the square today facilitates the historically unique opportunity to present the “Jo Siffert Fountain” by Jean Tinguely on the square anew in a dignified setting. We are pleased about this success in cooperation with the traffic planners of Basler&Hofmann and the Atelier für Städtebau Van der Wetering.
Pelikan Weesen Site - 1st Prize
In cooperation with wild bär heule architecture office and the investors of the ASGA Pensionskasse, we succeeded in winning the planning competition for the Pelikan site. The buildings with their surrounding meadow carpet are nestled gently within the varied topography of the hillside. A centrally situated courtyard constitutes the main address of the site. Through the spaces between the buildings, the gaze wanders towards the magnificent Glarus Alps in the distance.
Test Planning for Lischenmoos / Gümligen South Train Station—1st
Successful test planning for the development of the center of Gümligen in cooperation with Van de Wetering Atelier für Städtebau GmbH and mrs partner AG. A municipal center characterized by site-specific urbanity and a sense of scale, where people not only “live,” “work,” and “shop,” but also “enjoy” and “realize” themselves and “encounter” one another.
Promenade II St.Peter-Ording - 1st Prize
The preliminary planning for the new Promenade II has been completed and offerings for recreation, culture, experiencing nature, and sport are being elaborated in more detail. The funding applications, including for the new family house, should be submitted by the end of the year.
Bahnhofplatz Wil (SG), 1st Prize
An open, uncluttered square with loose groupings of trees forms the new point of arrival at the train station. The bus station is given a simple, elegant roof. The transport connections are clarified and elaborated in detail. The distinctive avenue becomes an open, macadamized promenade. On the east side, a third row of trees is added to create a comfortable sidewalk area in front of the businesses.
Wagerenhof Uster - 1st Prize
The open-space concept for the Wagerenhof in Uster supports the sensitive integration of the new buildings planned into the existing park space. Existing considerations regarding the upgrading of the grounds are taken into account as well as the structures that already exist. Generally speaking, the park-like character of the site as a whole has to be protected and developed further in a cautious manner.
Railway Station Forecourt LAGA 2019 Wittstock/Dosse - 1st Prize
Demolition and road construction measures began as of September 2017. Following the renovation of the train station building, the new train station forecourt will be completed in time for the opening of the Landesgartenschau (regional garden show) in spring 2019.
Haggenstrasse St.Gallen - 1st Prize
Holzer Kobler Architekten have gently nestled the residential buildings into the hillside. The topography and the existing vegetation shape the outdoor space. A lawn with flowers stretches between the edge of the forest and the buildings as a continuous carpet. Tall meadow grasses shield the private sitting areas. A playground is situated at the edge of the forest.
Marktplatz Entlebuch - 1st Prize
A new Marktplatz (market square) will shape the center of the village of Entlebuch in future. The open space of the square will provide true added value for the village community. In close proximity to the village church, three multistory buildings are grouped around the future square. Along with our partner Roman Hutter Architekten GmbH from Lucerne, we are pleased about the success in the competition.
Opening Celebration for the Rose Garden Rapperswil
The enlarged Schanz scented rose garden in Rapperswil celebrated its opening on Monday, September 18. The centerpiece of the expansion of the garden is an oval flowerbed with an inlay in the ground in the shape of a rose. As a counterpart to it, the existing fountain was moved to the entrance area.
Residential Complex SUVA Bellikon - 1st Prize
The new buildings are grouped around a generous outdoor space with an old stock of trees. In particular the large pines with the grassy ground already shape the character of the dry hillside location and form a basic park-like structure today. They will be supplemented with multi-stemmed flowering shrubs with edible berries, which provide seasonal accents with their blossoms in the spring and with their fall foliage later in the year.
Residential Complex Althardtstrasse Regensdorf - 1st Prize
A new district is being created on the outskirts of the town. The urban block surrounds a generous open space, which provides a contrast to the urban surroundings as a “garden courtyard.” Green entrance zones on the new Stichstrasse to the west shield the ground floor from the public sphere. Toward Furttalpromenade and the bus station the façades are designed in an open and urban manner so as to ensure the greatest possible utilization flexibility for the businesses located there.
Center of Bütschwil - 1st Prize
Along with KL Architekten, we are honored to have garnered first prize in the competition for planning the center of Bütschwil. The new design for the Bahnhofstrasse contributes to making the planned building development a strong address and enhances the center between the train station and the center of the village.
Grand-Saconnex, Genf - 1.Preis
Am Stadteingang nach Grand-Saconnex wird ein neuer Stadtplatz entstehen. Das neue Quartier, das sich hier entwickeln wird, liegt in einem grosszügigen Park, der an die bestehenden Grünräume der Stadt anknüpft und diese fortsetzt. Gemeinsam mit group8 Architekten aus Genf konnten wir mit unserem Projekt die Jury überzeugen.
School Center in Petershagen - 1st Prize
The municipality of Petershagen near Berlin awarded our design in cooperation with the firm huber staudt architekten first prize. Am Dorfanger will greatly expand the existing school building and provide new sport and break areas and open spaces that are connected with one another via a central promenade.
Grand-Saconnex Geneva - 1st Prize
A new urban square will be created at the entrance to the municipality of Grand-Saconnex. The new district that will develop here is situated in a large park that is linked to the existing green spaces in the municipality and serves as a continuation of them. Our project in cooperation with group8 Architekten from Geneva succeeded in convincing the jury.
State and city library Augsburg - 1st Prize
We are happy to have jointly won the competition for the addition to the Staats- and Stadtbibliothek (state and city library) in Augsburg along with Max Dudler Architekten. The historical park area forms the framework for the campus area of the library being created and the neighboring school. Green inner courtyards form a calm oasis between the old and new buildings.
International Architecture Award 2016 - for the MEG
The garden of the Musée d' Ethnographie in Geneva has received an international award. The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Design and Architecture is recognizing the garden of the museum within the framework of an international traveling exhibition. The prize ceremony took place in Athens on September 9, 2016.
Distinction SIA Genève 2016 - Honor for MEG
The MEG, Musée d`Ethnographie de Genève, has been awarded the ‘Distinction SIA Genève’ prize, which was awarded this year for the sixth time since 1993. The emblematic building, which opened at the end of 2014, and its garden have an aura not least thanks to the museum’s first-class program, which projects far beyond the cultural landscape of Geneva.
Suurstoffi Site Rotkreuz
The Suurstoffi site has been certified by the Stiftung Natur & Wirtschaft for its near-natural outdoor space. The award honors valuable contributions to more biodiversity and closeness to nature in settlement areas. With its spatial diversity, the “Millefleurs” (thousand flowers) concept supports natural diversity in the surroundings that we planned for the residential complex.
Residential Complex Brünnen CF 5 Bern - 1st Prize
In cooperation with Atelier WW, we succeeded in winning the open competition in Bern Brünnen Construction Field 5. The robust urban planning structure and the functional surroundings of the public squares, streets, and paths will be complemented in the courtyard by means of the dreamy poetry of a garden of paradise. The planting gives rise to various spatial atmospheres.
Cantonal Hospital Baden - 1st Prize
A surrounding green space consisting of Feldpark (field park), Südgarten (south garden), and Parkgarten (park garden) characterizes the outdoor space of the new Cantonal Hospital Baden and integrates it into the structures of the landscape. In cooperation with the team of Nickl & Partner Architekten, we were able to win over the jury with a holistic design.
New Residential and Commercial Building on Pappelallee in Berlin
Together with Jürgen Mayer H., we have intensively landscaped the roof over a commercial center and courtyard areas. The result are high-quality play and recreational areas. The apartments facing the courtyard will boast private gardens.
AMAG Lupfig - 1st Prize
We are once again delighted about another success with Egli Rohr Partner AG! AMAG’s new training center is being gently integrated within surroundings shaped by agriculture. A grove of trees and a large water lily pool are the design elements that shape the open space concept.
New Rhaetian Railway Bridge in Reichenau - 1st Prize
Reserved and yet autonomous, the new bridge enters into a subtle dialogue with the historical steel truss bridge through being oriented toward its materiality. It consists of a slender trough with v-shaped steel struts supported by concrete pillars. To correspond better to the typology of the Toma hills, the upper retaining wall is eliminated and replaced with a wooded slope.
Renens Entrepôts Lausanne - 1st prize
We are very pleased to have the opportunity to realize the development of the “Entrepôts” district near the Renens train station in cooperation with Ferrari Architectes from Lausanne as a result of this success in the urban development competition.
OpenLac Biel – A City Steps up to the Lake!
We are please to have been awarded the 3rd Prize in the international urban development idea competition “AGGLOlac Biel”! Along with the architecture and planning consultancy helsinkizurich, we were able to qualify in this fascinating project among twenty-five teams for the now following test planning. As a future, urban (development) hinge between Biel and Nidau, a new piece of the city is growing on the shore/shoreline/bank of Lake Biel. Embedded between the harbor of Biel and the Zihl channel in the north as well as the Nidau-Büren channel in the south, the new lake district responds to various spatial urban and landscape needs. The new city district is characterized by an interplay between natural and urban areas along the lakeshore. Generous open spaces on the one hand and urban densification on the other shape the look of the new lakefront district as interdependent antipodes. The spirit of the Expo, the desire for spaces that can be experienced collectively, for publicness and complexity finds an analogy in the conceptual and creative realization of the new city district by the lake. The theme of water – in the form of the lake and the canals; as well as differentiated city – and open space typologies intermesh to create a self-confident overall picture. Nature and recreational areas enter into dialogue with open urban spaces and form “Open Lac” as a whole.
Chilbiplatz Egg - 1st prize
A new Chilbiplatz is supposed to emerge in the center of Egg. In a study commission for prequalification, the jury selected our project from the five works submitted and authorized it for further development.
Garden City in Berlin-Falkenberg - 1st Prize
Next to the residential estate by Bruno Taut, we are delighted to have the opportunity to upgrade the Garden City in cooperation with Zanderroth Architects. Traffic-calmed common zones green the estate area and group public and private areas to create a scenic unit along with the neighboring park.
Stadtbad Nauen bei Berlin - 1st Prize
With a new entrance building and upgrading into a park, the old communal public pool is becoming a new attraction of the city of Nauen (near Berlin). We are to be realizing this project in cooperation with nps tchoban voss Architects.
School Au Wädenswil - 1st Prize
With Horisberger Wagen Architekten, we have been able to successfully conclude the competition for a new replacement building with a triple gymnasium and primary school as well as the adjoining outdoor facilities. With the positioning of the new building, open spaces have been assigned various uses: the roadside parking is situated slightly deeper, shielded by large trees that screen the playground and schoolyard. On the lower level, sports fields form the new green frame at the exit of the sports hall.
MEG Selected as Building of the Week
The ethnographic museum in Geneva is Building of the Week at “Swiss-architects 04/15.” The new building includes an esplanade wholly dedicated to the need to connect everyday local life with high-quality exhibition spaces close by. The main element of the esplanade is a sensual “garden carpet.”
School Building in Genève Vernier – 1st Prize
The school building by J.B.-Ferrari+Associes SA is situated in the middle of the park in the center. A spacious square connects the park with the nearby residential areas. The neighborhood park with play areas and an educational garden is available for use by both the pupils as well as residents.
School in Leipzig – 1st Prize
In collaboration with M4 Architekten, we have developed a landmarked building ensemble into a modern education campus. In a uniform area stand loose groupings of trees surrounded by meadow areas. Linear bands for activities invite sitting and playing.
Landesgartenschau in Wangen im Allgäu in 2024 – 1st Prize
The Argen River flows through the picturesque city. The industrial canal parallel to it connects the medieval city center with the former site of ERBA: two different worlds, each with their own qualities, are carefully posited in a dialogue between landscape and function.
Jugendherberge Bern - 1. Preis
Aebi & Vincent Architekten AG positioned the new building freely to complement the existing composition. The entrance courtyard with the large plane tree and a wooden deck connects the old buildings with the new one. It remains possible to see and experience the foot of the slope of the Aare river sanctuary with a view of the river and toward the Federal Palace. A near-natural wet meadow with a pond surrounds the new building.
Kinderspital Lausanne - 1. Preis
We are pleased to have won the competition for the enlargement of the Children’s Hospital in Lausanne as part of the team of Ferrari architectes + GMP. The central element is a generous terrace from which it is possible to look out over the city to the lake.
Chrüzacker Bassersdorf - 1. Preis
Mit Horisberger Wagen Architekten haben wir das Submissionsverfahren gewonnen. Ein feiner Gehölzschleier legt sich vom Eingangsplatz her verdichtend um die gesamte Schulanlage. Unter dem Laubdach wird die Infrastruktur organisiert, daneben hat es offene und übersichtliche Freiräume. Kiefergruppen lockern den Pausenbereich auf. Sie schaffen jahreszeitliche Kontraste und generieren für die Schulanlage Identität.
Estrel Tower Berlin - 1. Preis
Mit der geplanten Erweiterung des Hotels Estrel vom Büro Barkow Leibinger bekommt Berlin sein höchstes Gebäude. Zum Wasser führen grosszügig Treppenanlagen, unter locker gepflanzten Bäumen lässt es sich gut Ausruhen nach einem intensiven Tag in der Stadt!