Journal: Veröffentlichung

Pratteln in transition
The latest special issue of Hochparterre presents the spatial development concept REK. This is an extremely exciting and enriching process that we are working on together with the municipality of Pratteln and in a team with van de Wetering Atelier für Städtebau und moveIng Verkehrsplanung.
The second edition of our magazine is here!
In the magazine we deal with various aspects of landscape architecture around the topic of "climate". New exciting projects and planning approaches have been added to the second edition. Have we sparked your interest? You are welcome to order the magazine free of charge at
anthos- Radikal
We are delighted that our project "Open Space and Nature Conservation Concept 3Land" is represented in the second edition of the BSLA Landscape Architecture Yearbook. The second issue "anthos - Radical" provides discussion material on the urgent issues of climate adaptation and protection, agricultural change, mobility turnaround, biodiversity crisis or social imbalance.
Workshop Report High-Rise Guidelines Zurich
In the future, high-rise buildings in the city of Zurich should contribute more to quality urban development. As a member of the test planning team around E2A and KCAP, we ensured that open space and landscape concerns were taken into account. On the one hand, it was necessary to specify those areas where high-rise buildings could enrich the cityscape. In addition, different performance requirements should be met depending on the height. These include, for example, outdoor spaces with a high quality of stay or consideration of the local climate.
Veröffentlichungen zum neuen Maag Areal
Das aktuelle Themenheft von Hochparterre widmet sich dem neuen Maag Areal. In einem Interview erläutern Pascal Posset und die Architekten von Sauerbruch Hutton das Projekt. Auf der Webseite von Maaglive erläutert ein Kurzfilm das Projekt und den weiteren Prozess.
Rhine Promenade Basel - Advertising
Our projects are optimally suitable for advertising shoots as well ;)