We are Uniola!

Under the name Uniola, the offices of Hager Partner AG and Keller Damm Kollegen GmbH will pool their combined 65 years of expertise in landscape architecture and urban planning from January 2023.


Together with NUSUS Architekten AG, we won the project competition for the "Pünten school complex, Stallikon".
We are pleased to have won the planning selection procedure for the renovation of the Auhof outdoor pool in Zurich.
Building plots E1 and E2 are part of the master plan "Zentrumentwicklung Bahnhof West" and were the subject of a two-phase study contract.
We are delighted to have won second prize for the Federal Horticultural Show 2029 Lahnstein!
We are delighted to have received recognition in the international realization competition for the Bavarian State Garden Show 2029 in Günzburg together with MAU Atelier.
We are delighted about the 3rd prize for the realization competition for the Bavarian State Garden Show 2028 in Penzberg
Participatory event Pratteln
On Tuesday, November 29, the 4th and final participation event on the REK (spatial development concept), which we have been working on in a team with van de Wetering Atelier für Städtebau und moveing since 2020, took place in Pratteln. We are delighted with the lively participation and the exciting process that is shaping the future development of the municipality.
Together with :mlzd, we are delighted to have been awarded 3rd prize in the international competition for the extension of the German Museum of Technology in Berlin. Among the 23 participants, which were selected from 117 applicants, 3 prize winners and 2 recognitions were awarded. Congratulations to the winners!

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Our offices are our creative hub: free space for new ideas, plenty of room for exciting projects and a green oasis for a relaxing coffee break. Here we offer design and development opportunities for employees with knowledge, creativity and intellect.

Current Projects

The new water playground in the middle of the Plänterwald has become an “ocean whirlpool” that enables people to enjoy a range of play options and wooden platforms situated around a central water labyrinth. A one-of-a-kind leisure time offer for both young and old.
Cold air corridors and easily accessible, high-quality green spaces contribute significantly to a pleasant settlement climate. For the Werdenberg-Liechtenstein agglomeration, we are developing principles, fields of action and measures for heat-adapted settlement development.
In the Elinor-Ostrom-Park, we have used a loose framework of trees to define open clearings in the park that facilitate a view of the surrounding urban spaces and the elevated railway line. The elevated railway links the different sections of the park as a spatial backbone and route for urban uses.
The open space concept incorporates the basic principles of the architecture. Islands of vegetation at the main entrance clearly separate the individual functions. Basic access for vehicles to the plot of land is concentrated along the building so as to be able to create a high-quality space for spending time along the ship canal with promenade.
Where the Vorderrhein and Hinterrhein Rivers flow together, the second bridge over the Hinterrhein for two-lane development supplements the existing, landmarked lattice framework bridge.
A loose structure of trees that again and again offers views of the surrounding urban spaces frames the central clearing in the new district park. A striking, spacious entrance area anchors the park on Thurgauerstrasse.
As part of the restructuring of the Berlin Zoo, geographical thematic focuses are being implemented. Together with zoologists, we are developing the new "Himalayan Mountainscape" with its characteristic animals, landscapes and habitats.
An autobahn tunnel in the direction of Kriens is supposed to relieve pressure on the city center of Lucerne in the future. Instead of being a mere infrastructure facility, the new Grosshof Bridge at the southern entrance to the tunnel will become a multifunctional building with an autobahn and a park on the roof.
With the summer flower and perennial garden, we have developed a special garden in Treptower Park further based on the existing park maintenance plan in a contemporary way—with special consideration given to a sustainable choice of plants and the renovation of the original structural elements based on guidelines for historical monument protection.
The urban space concept proposes goals, design approaches and possible uses for upgrading public urban spaces in Lucerne and visualises this potential using selected open spaces as examples.