Open Space and Nature Conservation Concept 3Land

Within the framework of the IBA Basel 2020 and Label project “3Land—Drei Städte, eine Zukunft” (Three Cities—One Future), we developed a cross-national nature conservation and open space concept for the urban and industrial landscape spaces of the border triangle.

The “3Land” nature conservation and open space concept provides an innovative concept for the future development of the open space across the borders of the three countries for the cities of Basel, Saint-Louis, Huningue, and Weil am Rhein.

The region with its urban and industrial landscape spaces, which has been affected by huge urban development changes, was analyzed and developed in an integrated way. Our concept combines aspects of open space and nature conservation planning in a unique way in multifunctional corridors.

We bring the green corridors and traffic routes along the bank of the Rhine and the orthogonal paths and bridge connections over the Rhine together to create extensive, effective corridors of interlinked biotopes that promote both access and use and ecological connectivity.

The deficits with respect to high-quality ecological areas and open space on the industrial and commercial sites are remedied by means of targeted development and thus lay the foundation for further urban development. Nature conservation and the use of open space will be developed together in the future and not played off against one another—with corresponding added value for all.

  • IBA Basel 2020
Project Data
  • Offer 2016
  • Planning since 2018
  • Area 420 ha
Project Team
  • TRUZ Trinationales Umweltzentrum, Weil am Rhein

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