District development QEL Wollishofen

The Wollishofen neighbourhood on the shores of Lake Zurich is one of Zurich's most sought-after residential areas. Thanks to numerous cooperative housing estates with a garden city character, the neighbourhood has (still) affordable living space, which, however, no longer meets the needs in many cases, and a lot of greenery. At the same time, the high proportion of through traffic is a problem. With the increasing need for renewal of the cooperative housing estates, an adequate urban densification should be initiated.

  • Amt für Städtebau Stadt Zürich
Project Data
  • Wettbewerb 2011
  • Quartierworkshop I
  • (Dez. 2011)
  • Quartierworkshop II
  • (März 2012)
  • Abschlussveranstaltung (Juni 2012)
Project Team
  • Giuliani Hönger Architekten AG
  • Bernadette Breitenmoser

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