A new city park is being created on the site of the former railroad tracks. A grove of blossoming trees surrounds the expansive, central meadow. On the southern side, a generous sundeck offers a café and a wide range of opportunities for play.

A railroad station turns into city and a park is created on the site of the former railroad tracks. Far-reaching changes in the urban structure of the 10th District open up the opportunity to stage the area of the city between the inner and outer districts anew.
As a site for the handling of goods and the city’s gateway to the world, the yearning for distant lands and the exotic of faraway places always started at the railway depot. The nearby park of the Schloss Belvedere, in contrast, denotes historically developed, local ties, and has the status of a world heritage site. Connecting the two requirements, “yearning” and “ties”, with one another can advance to become an outstanding opportunity in the development of a distinctive appearance for the new district park.

  • MA 42 Stadtgartenamt Wien
Project Data
  • Competition 2010, 1st prize
  • Planning 2012-2013
  • Realisation 2014-2017
  • Area 6.7 ha

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