4B Administration Buildings

Along with the entrance, the angularly positioned buildings at the headquarters of the company 4B Fenster & Fassaden form a forecourt with a large pool of water in the shade of trees that invites spending time and observing.

The public square between the existing and the new administration center forms a representative entrance for the window, façade, and door manufacturer 4B. An open staircase leads to the elevated central gravel square, where benches invite spending time, shaded by finely structured Raywood ash trees, whose leaves turn a reddish-violet color in the fall. The shape of the large pool of water with water lilies and marsh plants plays with geometries and the planting of it breaks with traditional conventions of seeing.

The gaze wanders over the surface of the water with the water lilies and over the finely coordinated play of colors and forms of the grasses and irises, up to the rows of trees along the parking area in front of the exhibition hall. The trees form the overarching framework along the traffic areas, and tree-covered hills round off the scenery in the background.


Other Projects

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