Swisscom Building Binz

The former clay quarry served as a landfill and was subsequently placed under nature protection. The surface water is not permitted to seep in. With large basins of water, we have created diverse habitats that—corresponding to the artificiality of the location—are also designed in an artificial way.

Starting in the 1970s, the former clay quarry served as a landfill, which is why the surface water is not permitted to seep in and has to be discharged on the surface. The slope of the pit has now been placed under nature protection.

We have created habitats that are as diverse as possible with large water retention and evaporation basins. Geometric shapes contrast with lush vegetation corresponding to the artificiality of the location. The water will erode the bank and the artificial clarity will give way to natural forms over the years. Our design thus makes the influence of time and the forces of nature visible without an artificially generated patina. Swisscom’s large building and the former landfill are being given a cloak of green that does not whitewash, but instead reveals conflicts.

  • Swisscom Zürich
Project Data
  • Planning 1988-1992
  • Realisation 1992-1994
  • Area 10'000 m²
Project Team
  • Fischer Architekten, Zürich
Zertifizierung Qualitätslabel 'Naturpark' (2004), Award
Garten auf Altlasten (1995), Media
Gute Gärten (1995), Exhibition

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