The new water playground in the middle of the Plänterwald has become an “ocean whirlpool” that enables people to enjoy a range of play options and wooden platforms situated around a central water labyrinth. A one-of-a-kind leisure time offer for both young and old.

A wild whirlpool has been created in an ocean in Treptow. The whirlpool has remained stationary for days, with boats, animals, and people gadding about its center. Its initial force has apparently already subsided and brought secrets of the ocean to light: a shark opening its mouth in hunger, a pirate ship traveling its course, with its female captain hoping for rich booty as a result of the chaos.

Lots of people hang around the center of the whirlpool and even seem to enjoy their unusual situation. Some of them lie on wooden islands with umbrellas, some simply on their towels, while some also swing in hammocks over the water.

A large sailing vessel has capsized, with just its prow and mast sticking out of the masses of water. A pod of dolphins helpfully offers rescue for young children. A couple of seals have also found their way into the whirlpool and are climbed on by curious children. Harbor seals take pleasure in spitting water.
Elsewhere, many people have gathered and are observing the whale with her baby. The huge mammal regularly sprays water out of its blowhole. Both whales are very trusting and visibly enjoy the colorful goings-on.

Merrily wet and wildly frolicking living conditions prevail in the center of the whirlpool. Water towers up into walls and shoots upwards from below at irregular intervals. Children and adults try to penetrate the innermost part of the labyrinth. Strangely, nearly all the people are wearing bathing suits: have they perhaps even reached the whirlpool over the ocean of Berlin

Project Data
  • Competition 2020, 1st Prize
  • Planning from 2020

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