Housing development Sturzeneggstrasse

The new housing development is situated on the southern side of a flourishing moraine. It reacts to the naturally rolling terrain and forms a flowing transition to the open landscape. The positioning of the architecture emphasizes the entrance along with the preserved buildings of the hamlet. The square is strengthened spatially by means of plantings of trees.

The new housing development that has been established on the southern side of the flourishing moraine reacts to the naturally rolling topography and forms a flowing transition to the open landscape.
An access path paved with large-format concrete slabs (1.5 x 0.5 m) is linked with the layout of the buildings and is situated on the sloping terrain between the buildings. Here and there, the paving widens to create plaza situations and allows for differentiated uses. The playful dissolution of the contours of the path generates an autonomous formal language, but is not diminished in its functionality as an emergency access road. The surrounding flowering meadow seems to flow through the development and gives rise to a dynamic in the dialogue with the landscape. Interspersed cherry trees intensify the landscape aspect and provide a strong color accent in the spring and fall. A runoff trough that collects surface water in the sense of sustainable rainwater management and allows it to seep in naturally runs along Sturzeneggstrasse. A suitable mixture of perennials and native willows traces the course of the runoff trough and places colorful bands in the landscape in the pre-summer.
In the space in the development toward the slope, walnut trees emphasize the existing moraine and form a natural boundary. A gently ascending trail leads along the ridge to seating possibilities, which offer a magnificent panoramic view of the further surroundings.

  • Genossenschaft für gesundes Wohnen St.Gallen
Project Data
  • Competition 2012, 1st prize
  • Planning 2012
  • Area 1 ha
Project Team
  • wild bär heule architekten ag, Zürich
  • PPM Projektmanagement AG, St.Gallen

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