The spectacular view of the lake and mountains can be enjoyed throughout the experience of bathing at the Lido in Rapperswil, from the new seating steps along the pools of water, from the restaurant, and from the forecourt—facilitated by spacious openings in the building.

Our design orients the bathing experience as a whole toward Lake Zurich. We have organized the various bathing areas anew and aligned the pools of water with one another in an optimal way so that the intensive uses take up as little space as possible. An angled, modular architecture brings together functions that were previously distributed in a random way under one roof.

Toward the stadium, the two-story building forms a spacious forecourt, a city foyer that welcomes visitors. Visual connections to the bathing landscape, the lake, and the alpine panorama are already found here thanks to large openings in the building.

Seating steps that invite spending time structure the different bathing areas. The magnificent view of the lake and the mountains, but also of the play area and the sunbathing lawn and the new paddling pool, can be enjoyed from both the new restaurant and the seating steps. Access to the lake with a new pier provides a near-natural swimming area along the flat waterfront. The existing harbor is incorporated into the new design as if a matter of course. The measure was taken as an occasion to interlink the adjacent nature conservation areas in a more optimal way.

  • Stadt Rapperswil-Jona
Project Data
  • Competition 2012, 1st prize
  • Planning since 2015
  • Realisation in stages
  • Area 34'000 m²
Project Team
  • Meletta Strebel Architekten AG, Zürich
  • Staubli, Kurath und Partner AG, Zürich

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