Senior citizens' residence Am Bach

The new retirement center, located directly in the center of Birmensdorf, blends harmoniously into the local fabric thanks to its dimensions and the surrounding green spaces. The garden is characterized by perennial, lawn and recreational areas.

In the south, a square opens up as an inviting gesture linking the main entrance, the visitors' parking spaces and the entrance to the outpatient areas. Under the cherry, hackberry and hornbeam trees, a bench and a fountain invite visitors to linger. The other benches with different visual references along the paths around the house allow breaks on the residents' walks. An interplay of lawns and perennials combined with native shrubs and trees surrounds the building. The garden of the sheltered housing group is perceived as part of the overall complex and, despite its small size, offers a variety of circular walks between the lawns and perennial areas. The residents can engage in gardening activities at the raised bed. The two thematically different inner courtyards create clear and distinctive places. The eastern courtyard, with colorful, soft fields of moss, ferns and perennials, can be observed and marveled at from the interior bench as it changes seasonally. In contrast, the second, walkable courtyard offers residents the opportunity to nurture flowers, herbs and berries in large plant troughs.

  • Genossenschaft Alterszentrum am Bach
Project Data
  • Competition 2008, 1st prize
  • Planning 2008-2011
  • Realization 2012-2013
Project Team
  • Egli Rohr Partner Architekten AG, Baden

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