Agglo Werdenberg-Liechtenstein: Public space and heat-adapted settlement development

Cold air corridors and easily accessible, high-quality green spaces contribute significantly to a pleasant settlement climate. For the Werdenberg-Liechtenstein agglomeration, we are developing principles, fields of action and measures for heat-adapted settlement development.

The St.Gallen Rhine Valley with its steep slopes is one of the topographically and climatically particularly interesting regions in Switzerland. Together with experts from the ETH Zurich, we are developing basic principles, fields of action and measures for heat-adapted settlement development in the Werdenberg and Principality of Liechtenstein region as part of the 4th generation agglomeration programme.

While the 3rd generation agglomeration focused largely on public green spaces outside the settlements, the 4th generation agglomeration programme addresses public spaces and open spaces within the settlement. In the course of the inner densification of the settlement areas, the supply and networking of open spaces is becoming increasingly important. In order to maintain the quality of living and life in the settlement areas, forward-looking open space planning is of great relevance. Therefore, high-quality public spaces and open spaces within the settlement areas should be secured, further developed and supplemented. To this end, we are developing the necessary foundations, formulating possible fields of action in cooperation with the municipalities and developing concrete measures for heat-adapted settlement development. These include, for example, safe and pleasantly shaded non-motorised transport connections, easily accessible, widely usable and adequately designed green spaces, tree-lined streets and squares with as many infiltration areas as possible and open watercourses, especially in connection with cold air corridors.


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