The classic landscape park has lost none of its appeal for over 130 years. We have renovated several areas over the last 30 years so that it will remain a vibrant part of Zurich for decades to come.

The arboretum was created as part of the quayside facilities by Otto Froebel and Evariste Mertens in 1887, under the direction of Arnold Bürkli-Ziegler. The public park was intended to serve the “enjoyment and education” of the citizenry. The collection of trees was, however, not selected based on strictly scientific principles but on horticultural criteria more concerned with “enjoyment”. Over the years, the park has kept pace with the changing tastes in leisure activities. The pressure put on the park by the high numbers of people using it is counteracted by a rigorous maintenance schedule. The partly over-aged stock of trees is continually secured and replaced. More extensive measures include the removal of a row of Scots pines from the bank since they were ob¬struc¬ting the view, the planting of the central viewing terrace, the partial renewal of the walnut square and the complete replacement of the square of poplars. The alpine garden is the only planting of perenn¬ials to be laid out completely anew. Visitors today are not presented with only a historical setting. In addition, the quiet and observant garden lover, the adept of botany and garden architecture is able to “read” the garden and to learn about the finest art of garden design that is also practicable and enduring.

  • Grün Stadt Zürich
Project Data
  • Park maintenance plan 1984-1986
  • Realisation 1986-1991
  • Area 45'000 m²
Arboretum - Zürichs erstes Parkpflegewerk (2004), Media
Arboretum (1997), Media

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