Park on Harburg Castle Island

The park on the southern arm of the Elbe, which was honored as an excellence project of the IBA Hamburg, owes its five-pointed shape to the Castle Island, which was previously framed by bastions. Plantings of trees accentuate the view of the fragment of the castle and once again produce a reference to the water.

The outstanding location of Castle Island in Hamburg’s inland port with its 1000-year history, the concise relicts of a once flourishing port industry, a still-active shipyard ambiance, and new urban impulses demands a clear, robust concept that does justice to the current and historical significance of the location without trivializing it.

Over centuries, the fortified island rose over the marsh landscape in a slightly elevated location. We stage this subtle topographical special feature by accentuating and elaborating it as a clearing in the center of a framework of trees. We have thus given the former castle a dignified framing and emphasize the historical importance of the location. At the same time, space for various areas for spending time is created under the canopy of trees. The framework of trees and the clearing support the star-shaped shape of the park established in the function plan. Along with the new buildings, which form “bastions” at the corner points, reference is thus made to the former citadel. As a contemporarily designed new layer, our robust concept allows for further developments and has the ability to integrate existing historical relicts like surfacing materials or wall elements as if as a matter of course.

  • IBA Hamburg GmbH
  • Freie & Hansestadt Hamburg
Project Data
  • Competition 2010, 1st Prize
  • Planning 2010-2012
  • Realisation 2012-2013
  • Area 2.6 ha
  • Distinction IGA-project
IBA Excellenz Preis (2015), Award
Anerkennung IGA-Projekt (2014), Award
Hamburg-Park auf der Harburger Schlossinsel (2010), Media
Park on Harburger Schlossinsel Hamburg (2010), Media

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