Parking garage Rigistrasse

Moving the parking spaces under the ground enabled us to create a small and highly ecological park landscape for the clinic and community right in the centre of Cham.

With the new multi-storey car park, the Andreas Clinic not only received new underground parking space, but also an address-forming park on the surface. Between the Hirslandenklinik and Rigistrasse, two equal meadow terraces rise up, skilfully playing around the contours of the underground car park. The existing terrain is taken up at the edges and a slight folding creates the topography of the park design, opening up to Rigiplatz and the city centre.

A grove of medium-sized fruit trees is a central component of the design. The selected varieties not only make an important contribution to the conservation of biological diversity and the preservation of historical cultivated plants, but they also symbolise growth and renewal and make it possible to experience the rhythm of the seasons.
The park is an exhibition piece, a convertible hall and a park at the same time. Circular paths welcome visitors for a stroll. Benches invite visitors to linger. The two entrances to the underground car park are well embedded. They are directly connected to Rigistrasse, the hospital and the school building and are accessible without obstacles. The asphalted main path network is accompanied by discreet lighting.


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