The clear architecture of the new SupraFAB building reflects the precise science of the resident biologists, physicists and chemists, and the spacious and topographically elaborated open space is a clear contrast to nature.

The new SupraFAB building is on average 3.5 metres below the existing ground. The difference in height to the surrounding properties is terraced over three to four levels. Linear pathways and stairs lead to the higher terraces and invite visitors to explore the entire open space. The open space emphasises the linear architecture, but at the same time develops an independent and exciting formal language. Rhythmically stepping walls and pathways alternate with lawns and meadows. Large trees are playfully distributed throughout the open space, following the linear orientation. The different levels are supported by low walls. They flow around the building and form niches for seating areas. The appearance of the outdoor facilities is natural and rough, in contrast to the technically clean atmosphere in the laboratories. The vegetation is landscaped with high meadow areas, pines and birches.

  • Land Berlin, vertreten durch Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung und Wohnen Abteilung V
Project Data
  • VOF 2015
  • Planning 2016-2018
  • Realisation since 2020
  • Area 8`250 m²
Project Team
  • Nickl & Partner Architekten AG

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