The new market square in Entlebuch, directly opposite the village church, has given back a new public centre to the living community of the village area. Where there were cars before, village life can now once again unfold in all its diversity.

A new meeting place is being created in the centre of the village, a market place for the village community, which will become a mirror of public village life. The central location at the church requires a cautious and site-specific approach. The spatial basis of the future market place is an open space that invites flexible use. With a size of approximately 1,200 m², the new market place will allow for numerous events, which will contribute to the enrichment of village life and the consolidation of the village community. The elements that determine the appearance of the square are derived from the materials already present in the village and aim to integrate the square into the village in a natural way and to interweave it with the new architecture. The main element here is a pavement carpet made of asphalt that connects all the subspaces of the area. The square itself is distinguished by a pavement inlay of cobblestones. In the centre of the square is a square fountain made of light-coloured shell limestone, which joins the canon of already numerous existing village fountains. In the southern area of the market square, a beech tree provides shade and a generous bench invites visitors to linger. Together with the large group of beech trees at the church opposite, the square tree anchors the place in the centre of the village. Towards the street, an inviting flight of steps leads to the adjacent spaces in the village. In the north-eastern area of the square, a lighting mast with adjustable spotlights illuminates the square well at night and can be used for the numerous village events.


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