Hilti Campus

Giving the industrial site its own character through an overarching environmental concept and integrating it gently into the landscape requires perseverance. We were able to implement a first step with the surroundings of the new innovation centre.

The surroundings of the Innovation Centre are part of our overall environment concept: In accordance with the structure plan, the industrial buildings of the Hilti Group are to be located within a forest clearing. There are character-forming forest trees on all building sites. Each building site will also have a special character tree. The surroundings of the existing buildings will also be part of this concept. The species of the new trees to be planted correspond to the tree species of the naturally occurring forest communities at the site. These are beech forest communities with pedunculate oak, sessile oak, common pine and European larch as additional tree species. In the surroundings of the innovation centre, pines and larches are planted as continuous tree species and the pedunculate oak as a character tree. These will receive an understory of typical forest and forest edge shrubs. The roadside trees will also be part of this concept.

The surroundings near the buildings can be explored on a circular path to the east and south. At two points, the path widens out into small squares. Here, benches invite visitors to linger.

  • Hilti AG, Schaan
Project Team
  • Giuliani.Hönger Architekten AG, Zürich

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