Parc de la Jonction

In the heart of Geneva, at the confluence of the Arve and Rhone rivers, a new park will be created, designed, planned and built together with the citizens. A piece of public space in a prominent urban landscape location will welcome the city's population in the future.

The Jonction, the meeting of two rivers, the clear and deep green Rhone, which leaves Lake Geneva, and the milky white and turbid Arve, which flows down from the mountains. With the city at your back, your gaze fixed on the setting sun, the cliff on your right, the wooded mass of the Bois de la Bâtie on your left, anyone can now stand on the headland and contemplate the two rivers with their mixed waters, turn towards the sea and, from the first fine days, experience the Rhône at close quarters as you swim. The alluvial plain defined between the two rivers, with its blurred and fluctuating edges, was massively sealed from the end of the 19th century. Today, the TPG bus depot occupies a very large part of the area. On this unique site with a rare poetic aura, also due to its paradoxical situation of being inside and outside the city, a public park for the city will be created in a participatory process.

Together with the citizens of the city, a mission statement for the park is to be developed. The participatory process will be driven by six festive events from July to November 2020, in which all interested parties can take part and the future elements and programme for the park will be developed together.


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