BUGA Lahnstein 2029 - 2ème prix !

We are delighted to have won second prize for the Federal Horticultural Show 2029 Lahnstein!

Two promenades for Lahnstein

The unique cultural landscape of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will become the stage for the Federal Garden Show (BUGA) in 2029. Lahnstein, as the central event location, already has high-quality open spaces. The aim is to reactivate and connect these spaces through simple measures. Two newly designed riverside promenades, Panoramapromenade am Rhein and Lahnpromenade, connect the town and the river. They lead through green spaces with high-quality trees and improve the connection to the urban spaces. Both promenades are based on the importance of the river spaces.

Panoramic promenade along the Rhine - beginning in the riverside park

The riverside park in front of the historic old town emphasizes the connection between the urban space and the river. Three underpasses connect the city with the park, open spaces are integrated. Groves of trees, urban sofas and views of the Rhine create pleasant areas to spend time. The veil of trees is enhanced by new plantings. Gardens, a new playground and paths along the Rhine promote interconnectivity.

From the harbor dam to the mouth of the Lahn - experience the Rhine landscape

The dam crest integrates itself as a square and transition to the Lindenpromenade. "Rhine terraces", steps and a viewing area characterize this area. A new urban building block with a "mobility hub" and sports and cultural center is being created at the harbor basin. The mouth of the Lahn will be accentuated by a new park that makes use of the loss of the campsite. Open areas of light, facilities in the shade of the trees and a riverside promenade create an attractive space.

Rudi Geil Bridge to the old lock - reactivate the Lahn riverside promenade

The Rudi Geil Bridge will be upgraded with a flight of steps. The Lahnstein riverside promenade will be retained, with a shaded riverside path and a school garden at the end. Paths from the city lead to the water, and visitors will find various opportunities to be by the water.

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