Railway Station Forecourt

With the redesign of the railway station site, the town of Wittstock/Dosse is overcoming a vacuum of many years in one of its most important open spaces. A representative railway station forecourt that offers qualities for spending time and organizes the traffic in the surroundings of the station is being created.

Within the framework of the State Garden Show in 2019, the town of Wittstock/Dosse planned a comprehensive rearrangement and redesign of the railway station site. The empty station building is being renovated and will be used in future for administration and health services. Our design creates a representative railway station forecourt with new qualities for spending time there. The moving and stationary traffic in the surroundings of the station has been organized anew, and the adjacent access streets transformed and rehabilitated. The new open spaces give the renovated buildings on the railway station site a dignified framework and make it possible to experience them as a uniform ensemble. Surfacing elements designed in a free form characterize a public square area that provides space for the seasonally positioned tables and chairs of the kiosk. In addition, areas for play and spending time with generous seating options have also been created. Loosely interspersed trees form a shade-giving leafy canopy. Our planning takes the diverse requirements of the different groups of users into consideration and creates a high-quality open space that serves not only as a central reference point for travelers and commuters, but also as a green public square with a high quality of time spent for visitors and clients of the doctors’ offices and administration.

  • Stadt Wittstock a. d. Dosse
Project Data
  • VgV-Procedure 2016
  • Planning 2016-2018
  • Realisation 2017-2019
Project Team
  • Hoffmann Leichter Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH

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